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Creative at Heart

Logically Minded

12th Commonwealth International Youth Conference & Competition
1st Prize, Poster Making
16th March 2011
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2011 World Inter Faith Harmony Week & Competitions
1st Prize, Creative Collage Making
6th February 2011
11th World Peace Festival & International Cometitions
3rd Prize, Techno Paint
13th - 15th November 2010
International Youth Fest 2010
Poster Making, Cover Page Design, PPT Presentation, Calligraphy
19th November 2010
11th World Peace Festival & International Competitions
Creative collage, Slideshow Presentation, Group Singing
13th - 15th November 2010
2010 United Day Internatonal Competitions
Creative poster
13th - 15th November 2010
4th Internatinal Innovation Day 2009
Portrait Drawing
8th November 2009
International Youth Fest 2009
Calligraphy, Creative poster
20th October 2009
9th SAARC Youth Festival 2008
Creative poster
20th November 2008
2008 World Peace Festival
Creative Poster, Creative Quilt Design
24th - 26th October 2008
Green Belt
20th October 2007
Yellow Belt
3rd August 2007
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Academic Excellence
93.4% in ICSE 2012
April 2012
Delivered University Level Workshop
Getting Started with Photoshop
10th February 2017
Delivered University Level Workshop
Getting Started with Embedded Systems & AVR Microcontrollers
27th January 2017
IET-VIT Core Committee Member
Design, Publicity, Management & Administration
20th October 2015 - Present
Coordinator, VIT Technical United Conference 2016
Core Organising Team, Managment & Administration
16th - 17th April 2016
Academic Excellence
Exceptional Academics
19th April 2011
5th Inter-School Tae-Kwon-Do Championship
3rd Prize, Middle Weight Category
5th - 6th February 2008
Cofounded Students' Stop
A online platform for all organised study material and fun facts.
16th October 2015
VIT Energy Conservation Week 2017
Special Award, Model Exhibition, PeriScreener
15th December 2017
VIT Make-A-Thon 2017
3rd Prize, Smart WinSol
28th April 2017
VIT SENSE Make-A-Thon 2017
3rd Prize, Energy Efficient Safe Street
23rd April 2017
VIT SENSE Idea-A-Thon 2017
Centralised Traffic Control System
30th March 2017
IET Global Challenge 2017
WeighSen Mat
21st March 2017
Imaginary Numbers are Real
18th March 2017
Delivered University Level Workshop
Mobile Robotics
29th July 2017
Delivered School Level Workshop
Reusable Rockets
10th October 2017
Manager, VIT Technical United Conference 2017
Design and Administration Team
22nd April 2017
Founded IET VIT Beta Series
Series of free sessions helping students in their professional careers
29th August 2017
Coordinator, VIT graVITas 2016
Core Design Team Member, International Fest
23rd September 2016
Founded Amandeep Vaish Designs
Graphic and Logo Designing Company
15th July 2017
Chairperson, IET On Campus VIT
Students' Chapter of IET in VIT University
5th May 2017 - Present
Much more experience and achievements are in the list. To see more or discuss possible work, get in touch >>
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